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Butterflies and Moths Spring List: Preview

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Butterflies and Moths Spring List: Preview

Spring is coming! It is stil too cold, but soon it will be time to take out our stocks from the fridge. Here we present a preview of SOME of the species that we are preparing for spring. To be automatically updated on their future availabilities, you can subscribe our newsletter. In the newsletter we send e-mail when new species are available, before posting the ads. Some limited quantity species are sold through the newsletter only. Here you will find the newsletter subscribe form.

The following species are all captive bred from captive parents, they will be avaiable from middle March on.

Saturniidae and Sphingidae eggs

Actias luna

Saturnia pavonia

Saturnia pyri

Antheraea polyphemus

-Sphinx kalmiae

-Sphinx ligustri

Diurnal Butterflies eggs

Papilio machaon

Colias sp.

-Iphiclides podalirius

-Melitaea didyma

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