Attacus atlas

Attacus atlas eggs for sale now

Attacus atlas eggs for sale now

Attacus atlas in

The giant atlas moth, Attacus atlas atlas eggs are now available for sale in our SHOP. The season is warming up and finally the first Attacus atlas atlas adults from Java are emerging. These specimens are stunning moths, large wingspan and bright colors. In the cover image you can see one female hatched few days ago. Cocoons are still available if you want to pair them yourself. Contact Us to place your order.

About Attacus atlas rearing and breeding

Despite being fairly common in captive broods, obtaining an healthy stock has become quite difficult. While this population is not the biggest in terms of wingspan (we have seen many specimen around 25-26cm but never above), they score records in terms of pupal weight and number of eggs laid. A single pupae can weight up to 18-19g and, after emergence, it can lay more than 400 eggs

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Caroline Kelley

Hi! i’m a moth LOVER and was wondering how much you charge for atlas cocoons? Thanks!

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