Antheraea jana

Antheraea jana eggs

Antheraea jana eggs

Antheraea jana in

Antheraea jana eggs are available! Rarely offered as eggs. It has been difficult to obtain the first copula for this species, but at the end we did it! Adults paired outdoors with about 24°C during the night, we hope to get more pairings soon. Eggs are ready to be shipped out, don’t miss them! GO TO THE SHOP to place your order. Write us if you need tips to pair your moths!

About Antheraea jana, a beautiful moth from Indonesia.

Antheraea jana is a wonderful Saturniidae distributed across Indonesia. The species shows a plethora of color forms. The genetic and evolutionary mechanisms underlying such variation haven’t been determined yet.​ Saturniidae present different defense mechanisms, as the presence of tails in the forewings or vivid eyespots. It is possible to speculate that such color variation might be linked to a less conventional defense mechanisms.

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