Actias ningpoana cocoons

Actias ningpoana and Samia sp.

Actias ningpoana cocoons in

Actias ningpoana cocoons and Samia sp. eggs

Actias ningpoana coocons for sale.

Beautifull cocoons obtained from larvae reared on Liquidambar and Juglans. These cocoons will emerge in about 1 month. 

Adults pair easily in medium cages. Large Actias species with big caterpillars, very easy to rear. Adults pair for a short time so you may not witness any pairing, but they do pair without any problem, both indoors and outdoors.

Together with these cocoons you can combine different products and livestock from our italian facility. In particular we do offer again 2 evergreen specie:

Samia ricini (XXL strain)

Samia cynthia (F2 from Italy)

Shipping and guarantee disclaimer

These cocoons are shipped from Italy with priority shipping only, in order to ensure fast arrival before hatching. Unfortunately, since the Covid-19 pandemia, postal service has experienced random delays in deliveries towards extra-EU countries. This is the reason why we DO NOT assume responsibility for cocoons hatching during travel for any eggs order which is sent outside EU. As always we will try to reship or refund when possible, but this cannot be guaranteed. If you order from EU, we do offer full reship or refund as always, in case of any problem.

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Hi I’m interested in buying the cocoons how many are available please,kind regards Graham

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