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6-3-2020 : Samia cynthia cocoons, wild population.

Samia cynthia male lepidoptera for sale in

Samia cynthia wild collected cocoons for sale

As every year, we collect small amounts of Samia cynthia cocoons, from a wild population which has established in north Italy. Samia cynthia is a Saturniidae moth that was reared in captivity for silk production and was accidentally released in the wild. Following this release, a wild population has settled in the “pianura padana” region. They are found on Ailanthus altissima trees but can be fed on other hosts as Ligustrum sp., Ricinus communis and Prunus sp.

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Samia cynthia cocoons for sale in our shop

Samia cynthia italian population, 2015 severe bottleneck

Wild S. cynthia population was extremely abundant during the years 2013 and 2014. In year 2015, for undetermined reasons, this population underwent a severe bottleneck. We speculate that this is due to increased number of parasitoids and adverse climate conditions.

Since 2018, the number of wild animals seems to have increased, leading to more frequent findings. We want to precise that we take only very small amount of cocoons in the wild, always leaving more than 60% of the animals found on a single tree. We are very positive and we hope that this trend is going to continue.

Populations numbers in insect fluctuate a lot, so this bottleneck could be a physiological response to the extremely high numbers of 2013 and 2014

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Christopher Young

how much and when are ova avaible and how much do they cost?


    Hi Christopher, pupae will be available throughout winter and ova starting from next spring. Price will be decided upon quantity available.

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