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27-04-2020 : Launching TTB Deadstock Newsletter

27-04-2020 : Launching TTB Deadstock Newsletter

dried unmounted lepidoptera in

Time To Breed Deadstock Newsletter Has Been Launched

Dear customers,

Following the increase in the demand for dried material (mounted or unmounted) we decided to create a dedicated newsletter, in such newsletter, no livestock ads will be sent out. By signing up you will receive all the news regarding new deadstock products, including special promotions only for group memebers.

In order to register, you only need to fill out the form HERE.

Lepidoptera Deadstock List – April 2020

Here you find the current list of dried Lepidoptera specimen, mostly Saturniidae and Sphingidae. Contact us for more information and the full pricelist. All the specimens are carefully dried and papered. The will be shipped in a safe box, with many layers of protection, to ensure safe arrival of the specimen.

Species nameN. pcsSex Quality Ref. Code
Argema mittrei1FemaleA1MI01M
Antherina suraka 2MaleA1
Antherina suraka (Dark Form)2MaleA1
Attacus atlas 3MaleA1/A
Attacus atlas (Thai)1MaleA1AT20MT
Acherontia atropos 1MaleA1A012
Automeris io 1FemaleA1D035
Automeris io (Aberration)2FemaleA1D036-D037
Samia ricini 50+F/MA1
Automeris io aberration

We regularly produce dried specimen of miscellaneous butterflies and moths, keep updated not to miss special offers.

The Time To Breed Team

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