Acherontia atropos caterpillar

26-2-2020 : Acherontia atropos pupae

Acherontia atropos caterpillar in

Acherontia atropos pupae, limited quantity for mailing list subscribers only

We’re offering a small lot of Acherontia atropos pupae, the Death’s-head hawkmoth!

These pupae are among the biggest we had in this generation and they will be available only to newsletter’s subscribers, as we really appreciate your support. These pupae will emerge in around 2 weeks.

Adults pair and lay eggs easily, just feed them every other day with a honey-water solution. Providing a suitable host plant to the females triggers egg-laying

Spring is coming! It is stil too cold, but soon it will be time to take out our stocks from the fridge. Here we present a preview of SOME of the species that we are preparing for spring. To be automatically updated on their future availabilities, you can subscribe our newsletter. In the newsletter we send e-mail when new species are available, before posting the ads. This is a limited quantity offer and is sold through the newsletter only. Here you will find the newsletter subscribe form.

Learn how to take care of Acherontia atropos

Acherontia atropos
 is one of the most loved species by Lepidoptera amateur breeders. Why? Because the caterpillars are beautiful eating machines, they grow very large and heavy. In addition, adult moths pair and lay eggs easily. As adults, they can live up to two months and their thorax shows the skull which made them a celebrity among moths. Oh right, the moth squeaks in an adorable but loud way! These features should already be enough to give them a chance.

Rearing and breeding Acherontia atropos is quite easy, making them suitable for beginners too.

Learn more by reading the full article at: How to Breed Acherontia atropos, Sphingidae

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hello, should i be interested in A. atropos pupae, please answer, I am a breeder I have had them a few times, thanks for the answer..what IS price?

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