Cricula trifenestrata

20-3-2020 : Cricula trifenestrata cocoons

Cricula trifenestrata in

Cricula trifenestrata (Lepidoptera, Saturniidae) cocoons for sale

Cricula trifenestrata (Helfer, 1837) is a wonderful Saturniidae distributed across Indonesia.

We offer cocoons of this species, adults will emerge in 3-5 weeks from now. Pairing them is very easy, copula is successfully obtained in medium size (40x60cm) cages, either outdoor or indoor.

A fertile female lays from 120 to 200 eggs

Here you find the link for Cricula trifenestrata cocoons in our shop

Cricula trifenestrata wild silk

Cricula trifenestrata is a medium size Saturniidae that is easily bred in captivity. They feed on a high variety of hosts and are ideal for winter and spring breeding.

Cricula trifenestrata cocoons are now available. This species is peculiar for the production of golden silk, which is used for textile in Indonesia. Outside Indonesia, the silk fibers obtained by processing the cocoons, are appreciated by amateur spinners that want to produce unusual craft material.

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