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16-3-2020 : We Keep Working: Covid-19 Update

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Time To Breed during the Covid-19 pandemia

The Covid-19 is an emerging and rapidly evolving virus, which has spread across humans and is quickly turning into a global pandemia. We thought that quick update on this unexpected situation was necessary, in order to explain how we are going to face it.

First of all, yes we are virus-free. Our facilities keep working as usual as our customer service is too. All the product in our shop are readily available and handling times will be respected.

We agree and respect all the quarantine measures that EU governments have stated and we do work with safe material which has been received before the pandemia and properly stored for quarantine.

Worldwide Logistics and Postal Network Has Guaranteed it’s Service

Time To Breed continues shipping out orders, either with ordinary postal service or though express couriers. Country inside the EU, and major extra-EU countries, have guaranteed the regular postal service. This includes the Covid-19 hot-spots as Italy and Spain.

During the last 10 days, almost 100 parcel have been shipped and were safely received by our customers, with no delay or issue during travel. This is the reason why we keep dispatching our items. Anyway, we do offer a reship/refund policy in the unusual case that those items will face an abnormal delay or will be depleted during their journey

Insect Breeding at Home as a Good Choice During Quarantine Period

Many countries have already adopted strict quarantine measures to block the expansion of the Covid-19 pandemia. In this hard situation the practice of insect breeding can be continued at home, safely. Just make sure you have a close source of the proper host plant. Thus, we encourage everybody to keep pursuing this wonderful hobby and to sustain your insect suppliers. Reciprocal help and support is needed to get through this harsh period. We are committed to do it the best way possible.

The Time To Breed Team

Giacomo Viola, Gabriele Viola and Alessandro Giammetta

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