actias ningpoana caterpillar

Actias ningpoana, Samia cynthia & Macroglossum stellatarum

Actias ningpoana, Samia cynthia & Macroglossum stellatarum

actias ningpoana caterpillar in

Actias ningpoana larvae, Samia cynthia eggs, Macroglossum stellatarum pupae for sale

For a limited period of time, we offer a combination of three moths that can be purchased together. Here you find a short description for every species, if you want further informations, do not hesitate in contacting us.

Actias ningpoana

Actias ningpoana, the chinese moon moth, larvae available right now. A. ningpoana it’s a member of the Saturnidae family and it’s widespread through China, Taiwan and Eastern Asia.

Caterpillars are very easy to rear on a wide range of host plants. In our opinion, the best are Liquidambar, Juglans, Eucalyptus and Prunus. Adults mate easily but quickly usually at around 1-2 a.m. in our place, so you may miss some pairings.

This species has many generations each year, overwinter as cocoon at cool temperatures (at around 10°C).

Samia cynthia

Samia cynthia, the ailanthus silkmoth, eggs available right now. It is a member of the Saturnidae family and it’s native to North America and Eastern Asia. However, this stock comes from Italy, where a wild population enstablished in the past decades after being acidentally released from silk farms.

Samia cynthia silk moth
Samia cynthia, adults during copula

This species is very easy to rear and breed. Adults pair readily after emergence and stay together until next morning. It has 2-3 generations per year and overwinters as cocoon, emerging in late April/May when Ailanthus, its hostplant, starts growing again.

Macroglossum stellatarum

Macroglossum stellatarum, the hummingbird hawkmoth, is a member of the Sphingidae family. It’s distributed in Europe, Russia and Asia, reaching China and South Korea.

This species is so nice to keep. Caterpillars grow fast reaching maturity in just two weeks in summertime, while adults fly very well even in netted cages. The adults also feed by themselves if you provide some blue cap filled with honey solution at around 3/4 the cage height. We had pairings in the morning while feeding and egg-laying takes place all day long, even in the evening.

This species has many generations each year and overwinters as adults, looking for a sheltered and cool place in late Autumn.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: These eggs, larvae and pupae are shipped from Italy. In order to ensure fast arrival we recommend to purchase larvae and pupae with express courier as larvae can suffer from long journeys and these pupae emerge very quickly. Unfortunately, giving the current Covid-19 pandemia, postal service has experienced random delays in deliveries. This is the reason why we DO NOT assume responsibility for anything dead during travel sent outside Italy with priority mail. We only guarantee safe arrival or refund with express courier. If you order from Italy, we do offer full reship or refund as always, in case of any problem.

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Actias ningpoana larvae for sale in the shop

Samia cynthia eggs for sale in the shop

Macroglossum stellatarum for sale in the shop

Learn how to take care about Lepidoptera eggs

Eggs are usually shipped into small plastic tubes. Once received, they need to be moved to a bigger container, allowing caterpillars to have enough space to hatch and move.

Standard 80mm plastic Petri dishes (fig.A) are a very common tools to store the eggs and let the caterpillars hatch inside. Check our Petri dishes. Other kind of small plastic boxes can be used; it is recommended to perform holes or modify the boxes to allow aeration. Close the boxes with a fine mesh, tulle is widely used for this purpose (fig.B). Check our plastic boxes. Avoid the use of medium/big boxes because caterpillars will tend to move a lot and spread inside the box…..

Learn more by reading the full article at: Eggs and Pupae care in Butterflies and Moths

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