Samia cynthia moth eggs for sale

05-05-2020: Samia cynthia eggs, wild population north Italy.

Samia cynthia moth eggs for sale in

Samia cynthia eggs for sale

We offer TOP QUALITY EGGS of Samia cynthia

These eggs are obtained from wild collected overwintering cocoons in Lombardia (Italy), obtained from different locations, thus they can considered being 100% wild type. Eggs out of our special pupae selection, every batch contains eggs from multiple fertilized females.

This is an amazing Samia cynthia stock, very colorful larvae, huge and perfect adults as you can see in pictures. This species performs 2 or 3 generations in the wild before overwintering as cocoons. Easy to rear on Ailanthus altissima and very easy to breed in medium cages, both indoors or outdoors.

Samia cynthia is a beautiful Saturniidae originary from south east Asia. It was imported in Italy for silk production and accidentally released in the wild. After that, a Samia cynthia population has established in north Italy. Until 2015, S. cynthia was commonly found on A. altissima trees. Since 2016, due to increased parasitoids combined to an unusual series of storms coinciding with their spawning period, the population has gone though a severe bottleneck.

Samia cynthia caterpillar wild
Samia cynthia caterpillar found in the wild, Lombardia (Italy)

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: These eggs are shipped from Spain. Unfortunately, giving the current Covid-19 pandemia, postal service has experienced random delays in deliveries. Although thing are getting better day by day, this is the reason why we DO NOT assume responsibility for eggs hatching during travel for any eggs order which is sent outside Spain. As always we will try to reship or refund when possible, but this cannot be guaranteed. If you order from Spain, we do offer full reship or refund as always, in case of any problem.

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Eggs are usually shipped into small plastic tubes. Once received, they need to be moved to a bigger container, allowing caterpillars to have enough space to hatch and move.

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